Mac midi connection to Novation Impulse 49

I tried several times to connect my midi keyboard Novation Impulse to Dorico without any success.
My equipment is:

  • Apple iMac 27" with Sierra and the latest update
  • Soundcard: Steinberg UR44 (latest firmware)
  • Midi Keyboard: Novation Impulse 49.
    I tried using With and without the AutomapServer (for Novation Impulse 49)
    I´ve checked that the VST Audio Engine is running nicely.
    I have tried both Midi to UR44 and USB to iMac at the same time and each.

I´m using Sibelius 7.5, Logic Pro with no problems, but of course not at the same time when I am using Dorico.

Has anyone out there manage to get midi on Mac working with Dorico i.e Impulse 49?

Connecting the keyboard and then starting Dorico should normally be enough.
Are you aware that you have to double click in the stave to start MIDI input?
Also, in the preferences is an option “Enable MIDI input” that needs to be ticked.

If you checked all this and still no MIDI input is working, then could you please create a simple project with just a handful of arbitrary notes in it and post it here (first zip it up, otherwise it will get refused). From the data I can see if your Impulse does get recognized or not.

Thanks for a quick response,
I’m a little embarrassed - I was not aware that I had to double-click on stave to start Midi input
You solved my problem :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !!

No problem. I’m glad that is was so easy to solve. :slight_smile: