mac mini 2011 & Halion 5

Hi, i have some question to ask!.

Some time ago i bought Halion 5

Now that i have a Mac mini 2011, which came with 2gb of ram, i upgraded the ram to 16gb of ram 2 days ago( the mac mini is much faster, and now works perfect!).
the spec of the this mac is below:
intel core i5 2.3 ghz.
16gb ddr3 1333mhz.
intel hd3000 graphics
usb 2
firewire 800/400
512gb 5400 rpm harddisk.
osx lion.

  1. My question is, can my mac mini handle Halion well, considering
    my mac mini only has a 5400 rpm harddisk ?, will there be any drop out in audio, when using Halion on my mac mini ? ( using cubase element 7 64bit).

  2. do i need to buy an external harddrive with the following spec:
    firewire 800, 7200 rpm, size 512-1tb, in order to get better performance with Halion , related streaming audio / sampleplayback ?.

3: or do i need to upgrade the internal hdd to a 7200 rpm ?.

4: My mac mini dosent have any external dvd drive, but i have a pc, which i installed Halion on the pc harddrive, can i copy the library to the mac mini internal drive or external drive, then i only need to install Halion 5 plugin etc, for cubase, but how do i configure Halion 5 to find the path for tbe library on mac ??.

I am planning to install Halion 5 on my mac as soon as possible !


By the way, i am using a new username, my username before
was henrik2010.
I did try to login with my ols username and password, Steinberg
forum acount wont allow me.
Maybe i forgot the passw, etc ?.
I tried to use the option “forgot password”,
i typed in my email adr, now my forum acount says
“email adr not found!”.
I know my email adr and i know i registered with
this email.
Some time ago, Steinberg forum / server was down,
exactly after the server was down, i was unable to
login with my old username / password!.