Mac Mini 2018 for Cubase - any good? And which display monitor?

Hi all!

So I’ve had my iMac for 9 years next year.

Starting to think about the replacement, and I reckon the 2018 mac mini is my best choice, in terms of bangs for buck.

I also feel with the new iMacs i’m paying for a lush 5k display which frankly I’m not fussed about…I’m a pro muso using Cubase 10 and, sure, i want it to look clear and sharp and not tire my eyes, but 5k I can live without…

So what monitor do I get for it? I quite fancy a 32 inch (oo-er missus, etc etc) but can I still get clarity at that size? Is it better to stick to a 27 inch?

And also any mac mini users out there?! I’ve heard of a few problems with USB interfaces? Also some problems with certains monitors?

Would appreciate any thoughts- thanks all! :sunglasses:

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