Mac Mini and Cubase 6


I’m kind of new to all of this but having a blast. Currently I am using a MacBook Pro 2 ghz with Cubase 6, which I cannot run in 64 bit being that my MBP will only allow up to 2 GB RAM (if someone believes otherwise please let me know). My MBP is the older generation. I am thinking of picking up a new Mac Mini for the job. Does anyone have experience using that computer, and if so, how is it working out? Moreover, unless I need the I7 chip, I thought I would go with the I5. thanks Fred

Look at my specs, I can do a lot.

Since it depends on what type of stuff you are using Cubase for why don’t you tell us about how many tracks your projects might use, if you use VST instrument tracks vs midi tracks and the VST rack (or external midi gear), how many audio tracks and effects on those… you get the idea.