Mac Mini model for running cubase pro 8.5

Hi All,

Just need to check for Mac Mini Spec for running cubase pro 8.5. Is it able to run?

So far, I have mac book pro retina mid 2012 but need to have another unit to be installed in my working room and while taking mac book pro to bed room for song writing while mac mini will be assumed to perform music production.

Any suggestion is welcome…

Thank you very much

I believe the Mac mini has an i7 quad CPU. 2.3 GHz which will be fine if you upgrade it with an SSD and 16 gig ram.

I am running Cubase 8.5 pro on a Mac mini (Late 2012, i7 version) 16 GB RAM.

Works quite ok, but I think it could be better (i.e. running low latency will only work with fairly simple projects). However, based on other users feedback, it seems that Steinberg should work on Cubase to make the program make better use of multicore processors = a more capable computer processorwise does not necessarily translate into huge performance improvement in Cubase.

Thank you very much.

Running 2.6ghz i5 (late 2014) 16gb RAM, works fine here, averaging 20 tracks of mainly NI VST’s, and normally with Excel, an email client, and 5-6 tabs of Safari open, works fine with Reason open as well…average track length about 3.5 minutes

I thought that as well when I bought mine! It hasn’t :smiley: Which definitely explains why I was massively disappointed with the increase in speed ;D

Dual-core only :wink:

2012 2.6GHz i7 quad, 16GB RAM, and internal SSD x2. The second drive is a 1T for samples, and was a pain to install compared to other Mac upgrades in times past.

It’s very powerful for it’s size.
Advantages of this model include FW800, TB1, and USB3.

Guess I never thought about buying one used off Ebay - I see they’re there though

We have a mac mini running in our studio facility and we´ve used it to record multitrack sessions (20+ channels). It runs beatifully. Also, its acceptably quiet.