Mac Mini or Dell XPS Desktop

confused to choose which one is best for music production -

Dell or Apple

Apple Mini or the new Apple Macbook pro with M1 Pro / Max or Mac Mini ?


Oh no, Windows/Mac war is coming…

When I had a look to the Dell specification, there is Windows 11 preinstalled, which is not Cubase supported system yet. Of course, Cubase must be Windows 11 compatible (very soon), but at this moment, there is no official announcement.

On the Mac side, to be honest, I don’t think M1 Pro or Max is even needed for the common Cubase users. I would say, the M1 processor is perfectly fine.

I’m not going to side on either one but if you go the pc route I strongly advise not to get an off the shelf computer. I’m in the uk and use either SCAN or cclonline who both do audio PCs for not much more than the parts and are guaranteed. They both test for audio work. I don’t know which country you are in but worth searching for something in your own country.


I’m a Mac user for the last 1pm years and wouldn’t go back.
That being said the M1 is a massive jump which will require some time for developers to get up to speed. I suspect a lot of them will only include native support with new paid upgrade versions which mean….money.
Also 16gigs would be slightly uncomfortable for someone like myself. I’d want a minimum of 32gig but then I used a lot of sample instruments rather than synths.
I might get the new MacBook m1Pro because my current iMac computer is 9 years old. Still good, cpu for days and enough memory but I really want the portability.

Basically CPUs don’t really matter in this day and age for audio. It’s more about memory and I guess storage.

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