Mac mini

H i got a new mac mini, dual intel 2.3, with 2 gig of ram, os 10.7 is it possible to run cubase 7 ?

btw new on the forum :smiley: just bought a UR22

thank you

Sounds like you’ve got the cart before the horse. The logic should be I need to run Cubase 7, what do I need for a machine to run it best.
A little background here would not be amiss - e.g. why Cubase 7 and not 6.5 or another DAW? What are your goals?
To answer your question as it stands - yes it should run. Does such an unqualified answer really help however?
Please don’t misunderstand me, this is not a criticism, just trying to help you help us to help you. :wink:

Your mac meets the Minimum required spec as stated by Steinberg! whether this is actually enough to give a good experience I don’t know?

Hello Big,

Yes, that machine will run Cubase very well, we use several Minis of various ages with Nuendo and they work well. However you will be quite disappointed in the performance with only 2GB of ram. You should up that to at least 8GB, and ram for that machine is pretty cheap.


Other than that it should work fine for most
light—>medium projects

HTH (hope this helps)

thank you for all the replies

My goals, we are doing a full album, right now we are recording the drum tracks and bass , with a Roland br-1600, and we will dump all theses tracks into the mac with cubase then add the guitars, strings, and vocals for final mix, we might end-up with 25 tracks depending on songs arrangement.

Got another choice also at home a Imac dual 2.8 processor (older mac) but on system is 10.5 i have to upgrade to os 10.7 minimum i can instal a max of 4 gig of memory into this one.

so what is my best bet ? maybe Imac?

Tks a lot

If you are recording just audio (no virtual instruments) I don’t think 2G of memory is a real problem.

Thank you Jarno

i am a newbie into this, yes will be adding some virtual string, and cello, piano, here and there but mainly guitars
tks for chipping in.
anybody know the difference between ai6 version and the full one

Is it possible to do the job with ai version ?
maybe i’ll miss a bunch of feature ?


Yes you can. But I would recommend 4GB of RAM.