Mac: MusicXML export produces an invalid file

This problem has been confirmed by Recordare Support, but only seems to affect some Mac’s running OS X 6 so could be an OS X error.

To reproduce:-

  1. Create a project with a few MIDI tracks.
  2. Open the Score Editor and format as required.
  3. Export the file using File/Export/MusicXML
  4. Close Cubase
  5. Open Sibelius 6 or Finale 11 (these are the only two I’ve tested on).
  6. Try to import the XML file
  7. Filename is greyed out so the file can’t be selected and opened.


Open the XML file in TextEdit and save it - this changes the filetype from “???” as saved to a valid format that Sibelius and Finale can recognise. The file can then be opened by these applications.

A permanent workaround would be for Cubase to save the XML file as a file type such as 0 or “TEXT”, or to contact Apple to see if they can confirm the bug in OS X.


Thanks for the tip.

Same thing here. It seems Cubase’s option ‘‘Export MusicXML’’ could be greatly improved.
I keep getting error messages by Sibelius when importing the files in it.
Furthermore the Cubase’s scores in Sibelius have a lot of issues : key signatures everywhere, impossible measures (more than 4 beats in a 4/4 bar) and so on.
According to Sibelius’ crew who deal with several MusicXML files from other softwares, Cubase’s MusicXML sucks.

I really thought this crossover possibility would work in Cubase 6.0.5.
I was dreaming about this since Cubase SX2…

+1 one on all this.

MusicXML / MIDI export is the one area where Cubase is severely lacking.

I’ve encountered the problem where there are more beats in a bar then there are supposed to be, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix this once I get it into Sibelius. The entire score is basically Fracked when that happens as no matter what I do in Sibelius I can’t get the bar back to it’s proper length.

In my case I’ve noticed it usually comes from incomplete tuplets with silences in them.
when tuplets are complete or with full values (midi legato) it works great.

Also I have noticed all special characters é è à ç should be avoided.

It would also be great not to include the page numbers and key reminders in the MusicXML file. We end up with the text ‘‘Page %p’’ everywhere…

I just re-read my previous post and I apologize for its harshness.
MusicXML is great and works. It could just work better.

I think the general idea if one wants to export music scores from Cubase to Sibelius is to have the score very clean before exporting: quantize everything, do legato on all incomplete tuplets, and avoid complex rhythm values if you can write simpler ones.

Here is the message Sibelius says when opening MusicXML from Cubase, hope this could help:
‘‘Sibelius has encountered an error in this MusicXML file:
‘‘Datatype error:
Message:Value ‘0’ must be greater than or equal to MinInclusive ‘1’ .’’ at line 37 column 35

If you open it blablabla.

I agree the situation crops up mostly with tuplets…but what do you mean by “midi legato?” Can you tell me specifically what to do to avoid getting “tuplet corrupted?”

Is there a display quant setting that will rid me of the tuplets from the XML file (but still, of course, play back fine?)

select your tuplet, then [Midi - Functions - Legato]
so every note goes until the next one
depending on how you entered your midi, you may want to do a [Midi - Functions - Fixed Length] with a small Q value, right before the legato so you have no overlap (the key editor is always the best way though to double check if your midi is ‘‘clean’’)
all my tuplets issues were resolved with this, I’ve just imported in Sibelius incomplete quintuplets this way and it works flawlessly

Just to be crystal clear two snapshots:
the first time may cause troubles in Sibelius
the second works great
then, if you really want the silences in the quintuplets it is easy to change the duration (easier than dealing with impossible buggy measures!)
Screen Shot 2012-03-31 at 11.17.00 PM (2).png
Screen Shot 2012-03-31 at 11.16.25 PM (2).png

(sorry, the opposite: first one works, second don’t)

Thanks so much - I’ll definitely give these tweaks a try. Didn’t even know that midi legato function existed.

Here’s another annoyance - say I’m working on a feature, and I’m working on a cue near the end of the movie. Exporting an XML file from this point in the sequence takes 4-5 minutes as it process 2000 measures of blank material before getting the the music I need :slight_smile:

This is in a sessions in which I’ve used the time code offset to start near my track, and with a session length of only 5 minutes. But it still processes all 2000 bars. Sometimes even crashes too.