Mac not in standby with Dorico

When I have Dorico 1.0.10 running, my Mac (latest software) does not go in standby nor my screen goes in standby. Also when Dorico is in the background. Macbook Pro early 2011 MacOs Sierra

When you leave Dorico open, the Audio engine continues to run.

If you switch on the ‘Suspend audio device in the background’ option in Preferences, then your Mac should snooze if Dorico is in the background.

Did some tests, checked switch off audio in background. Audio engine does not suspend, Mac does not suspend. When I switch off VST audio engine manually in activities monitor it does work.

Since my Windows machine does not seem to want to go to sleep long after I quit Dorico, I wonder if the engine is suspending as it should.

Well-- I checked in the Task Manager, and the VST Audio Engine disappears from the Processes list, so it must be something else.

I think the cause of this is because the audio software in Dorico originated in Cubase, where there is a requirement to keep computer awake when recording audio (possibly for several hours continuously!) even if there is no user interaction with the software. IIRC the audio engine sends regular messages to the operating system somehow, to keep resetting the “sleep timer”.

I think this is the cause indeed


Is Dorico in the background when you tried your test?

Yes defenitely, I minimized it (Command m or the yellow - icon)

I would think that minimizing does not put the app on the background. It still shows on the upper left corner as the running app in the foreground, though with no window showing.
You should try with hiding app (cmd-shift-h) or switching to another app like Finder (cmd-tab) and see what happens…

no change: VST audio engine keeps running, no snooze
it is not so important, I think there are more importamnt things to solve like…

On the contrary. I use my computer for many other things and leave it on 24/7, I expect it to go to sleep as set in the OS when I got to bed or am not using it.

Can Macs not be put into sleep mode manually, or is that only Windows?

The audio engine will keep the machine from going to sleep - that’s pretty standard DAW behaviour, and the audio engine is basically the Cubase engine. It seems that notation users do have quite different expectations, and so this is something that we’ll review for the future.


Sorry to contradict you, but I am not sure that this is standard behaviour for non Steinberg DAWs. I just ran the three DAWs that I have on my Windows 10 machine (Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, Sound Forge Pro 11 & Adobe Audition CC) and none of them prevents the operation of power saving.


Of course we can put the Mac in sleep modus manually, it was just surpising and disturbing me that my big Cinema Display stays on all the time.