[Mac] Not one new audio/MIDI feature in Lion?

Aloha guys,

I just went over (twice) the ‘250 new features’ in Mac OS Lion
and I cannot find any substantial benefit for DAW users.


Nothing about enhancements to core audio or core MIDI etc.

Am I missing something here?

Can’t see a reason to up-grade. Might just sit this one out.
At least for awhile.

Sure looks pretty tho’.


I was advised via email last week, by my vendor-of-choice-for-all-things-computer-music-gear-related, to hold off on Lion until ALL my apps/plugs and hardware are 100% compatible.

Aloha S, and mahalo for the post.

That is truly great advice and I too will take that course
but even after your (and my) entire rig is ‘Lion ready’
what advantages in it are there for DAW users?

So far I see none.

I don’t know. I migrated away from Mac for DAW use some years ago. I’m running Cubase under Win7 now. I still use Mac (Snow Leopard currently) for everything else. I’m more interested in learning details of iCloud than Lion right now. MobileMe is going away in another year, to be replaced by iCloud. My web hosting situation depends on MobileMe … so I may be abandoning the Apple platform entirely if they ONCE AGAIN abandon me.

Lion is Apple’s first step to a converged cross platform scalable OS that will run on everything from an iPod Touch to a multicore MacPro monster. I suspect there will also be scalable apps too. Already Garageband for iPad can do stuff you can ultimately import into Logic Pro.

But Windows is going down the same road. Windows 7 and WinPhone 7 are quite closely related in many ways, and from what I understand Windows 8 will be a one size fits all platform (or at least has pretensions to be so)

The fact is that OS vendors all see the high ground as the portable platform, be that your smartphone or tablet devices, because quite simply for every grey (or white or silver) box we have stored in the home office/studio/whatever, there will probably be 3, 4 or more mobile platforms in our family’s pockets. These devices also have a much shorter lifespan, as most mobile customers are seeking an upgrade around every 14 months (It was down to below 12 months not that long go in the UK) so for the OS vendors, mobile devices have a double ker-ching!

But I’m not that concerned. Apple are very aware of the pro apps that rely on a stable platform from multi-million dollar industries particularly the movie business, print media and the music business to a smaller extent, so though the big bucks are coming from having a platform in every pocket on the planet, a significant wedge - and a lot of kudos - come from movies being cut, composited and post processed and every image in every glossy mag being touched up in photoshop and (most) albums being tracked in ProTools.

I know most of the apps from the big boys like avid and adobe are cross platform, but for the time being at least, Apple is the preferred route for a big slice of that market. They will ignore it at their peril (witness how hard they’re working to fix the mess they made dumbing down FCX)