Mac Only: Nuendo and permissions


I’m hoping someone might be able to offer a solution to a issue we’re having.

We have 2 Nuendo suites accessing one Nuendo projects folder off a SAN. Those two users are the only ones with access permissions and ACL’s set on that folder, but Nuendo 6 (and 5 for that matter) seem to ignore both the posix permissions and the ACL’s on the folder.
If one user creates and saves a project the other user can only open it, but not re-save it.

Between myself and out IT guy we’ve tried all the different options of read/write permissions on the folder and the files it contains, but Nuendo seems to ignore them and the ACL’s unless we set the posix permissions to everyone r/w.
This isn’t really a viable option as we want to restrict access to the folder to only the Audio Suites.

If anyone’s come across this before and has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
It seems to be that Nuendo isn’t properly referencing the ACL’s or permissions.


The two users could access the server using the same account.

I’ve been noticing a problem with Nuendo searching for plug-ins in the user’s account (rather than root) on Mac. Looks like it’s related: I can make the permissions wide-open for everybody, explicitly tell Nuendo to search for VSTs there… and it won’t open them.