Mac Only: Problem sharing Cubase files between users


I have a Mac for the studio. My partner and i share this computer. I have the administrator user & my partner has a user account of his own i created for him & We both use Cubase for recording and production.

Ideally, we want to be able to use cubase flawlessly between our user accounts … being able to modify or edit things while i’m using Cubase on my account, would automatically make edits on his account and vice versa. 2 different users on the same mac, and 1 master Cubase folder. Say i start a project and its halfway done, he can then later open the project on his user account and be able to put up where i left off and work on it. And later when he completes the project, i can open it in my account and make even further edits.

For the most part, its working out okay. What i did is, In my user account, i i shared the entire music folder and gave his account Read & Write access to it. He is able to pull up projects i created under my user on his account.

However, there are a few problems we are experiencing, such as… If i record an audio track on my account, and he pulls up the project on his account… Every time he clicks the audio track, a message pops up reading “Could not create record file !”
Selecting A Track with audio in it.png
Also, the WAV images aren’t showing on the audio tracks, instead of the wav file, it has a sign reading “Image construction Error”

Lastly, while using his user account … if he opens a project i created in my account… and he does some minor editing to the track, and later wants to save, it wont let him save, instead it pops up a box “Project File Is Read Only!”
Saving Issue.png
So i did some looking around in my account, and i found out that even though the entire music folder was shared with him, some of the cubase projects weren’t sharing with anyone, so i had to manually share each individual file with his account, however, even after giving his account the Read & Write privilege, the problem still persists.

What can i do to fix all of this ? I’ve added screen shots to let you see whats going on.

Thanks in advanced,

Aloha a,

I’m sure there is a way to do this in OSX but while we wait for the really smart
users to chime in with the solution, here is another approach.

A few days ago forum member Strophoid explained to me about an on-line
(free) service called: Dropbox.

While this service is not for me, this might be a solution for you.

1-Upload your project folder (with all needed files in it) to Dropbox
2-Then your partner downloads it, works on it, and then re-uploads it for you.
3-The cycle repeats till the project is finished.
4-Did I mention it is free?

HTH (hope this helps)

Files are created using permissions of the current user, so you will forever be changing file permissions and running into problems trying to do it this way. I think you could buy OS X Server and change ACLs, and with some hard work and a sharp learning curve you’ll be up and running within a couple eons.

The way to do this is to have one user account for projects you will both work on, and use your individual accounts for stuff that’s well, individual.

The ‘Share Folder’ check box refers to sharing on a network, not with other users on the same computer. Thus you have shared your Project Folder on your local network.