(Mac) Opening C6 Projects shows all .bak files too!

This has annoyed me since I switched to Mac and now I’d like to fix it.

Whenever I want to open a project I have to visually sift through all the backup files to find the correct project file.

So I may have anything up to 20 versions of a song in one folder, interspersed with hundreds of.bak files. I REALLY don’t want to see these because it slows down finding the project, increases the chance of opening the wrong project and looks very messy indeed.

I have searched the internet and can’t find a reasonable solution. On a PC it would be an option in system preferences to hide a specific file type, on a Mac surely I shouldn’t have to learn how to program in terminal to achieve the same basic task.

I don’t want to rearrange Finder to show files “by type” - I want to actually hide the bak files just like on PC.

If anyone can help that would be great, hopefully I’m missing something simple!

Thanks all


No takers?

I agree. They should go into a “BAK” folder.


Why you don’t choose “Cubase Project File (cpr)” as file type instead of “All File Types” ?



Hi Chris

Because you have to reselect it every time and all it does anyway is grey out the other file types. So no real improvement.

…as shown here

So is it like this for everyone or am I doing something wrong?

Bump to know if it’s like this for everyone on Mac or not :wink:

+1 for getting them put into a backups folder. I don’t have the problem you have cause I’m on Windows but they still get in my way big time.


+1 on that. Pro Tools, which I also use all the time simply makes a backup folder. Keeps things nice and neat.

So it seems there’s no way to change this, no preferences setting or anything?

No ideas?

:ugeek: :mrgreen:

Bump, some input from Steinberg would be great, thanks

Here’s hoping for this fixed in C7 then.

Still hoping they will create a folder for all the backup files (like in Logic) at some point.

So it’s still not been fixed?

It is still the same, using Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

It is indeed an issue that I’ve wished to be solved.

I love that Pro Tools does this and I use Hazel to automatically move the folders in a folder with the same name Pro Tools uses. The thing Pro Tools doesn’t do is recognize when you open a session that there is a newer backup then the session file which I think is pretty nice when Cubase/Nuendo tells me that.

Mine shows the .bak files, but here’s what I’m wondering; are those all the same project, or a bunch different projects? It looks like different projects. You should organize new projects in their own folder, and name them as such.

Then you wont see all those .bak files. I know coming from Windows, with the way that file system is (which is an unsightly mess) you might be used to just chucking everything in the same folder.

Look how neat this is. I just ignore the .bak files as there aren’t that many.
Screenshot 2016-04-05 12.29.31.png