Mac OS Catalina/Big Sur UR44C Kernel Panic


I am not a very happy owner of Steinberg UR44C. Periodically, at random moments, a kernel panic occurs. I tried reinstalling the operating system, updating drivers, connecting via a USB hub. But nothing helps. At the same time, I use interfaces from MOTU, Focusrite, AXE FX 2 and there are no such problems with any interface.
The following symptoms mostly fall off the USB device and a kernel panic occurs, but there is just a kernel panic. I wrote to those support, but do not get a sane response.

Before this interface, I had Steinberg UR44 and had similar problems. USB and kernel panic were constantly falling off.

It seems like on Windows 10 you can enable the engineering menu in the driver control panel. How to enable engineering menu on Mac OS?