MAc os clean reisntall, How to back up Midi Remote

Hi everyone , So fiannly maxed out My laptop hardrive space , and it’s just time for a Clean overall Reinstall of my system ( no I don’t have timemachine )

So I have worth months of midi remote assigments work , I relally dont want to loose any … How does one backs it up all my scripts ? I’ve searched all over the place but can;t find anything about it .

thanks in adavnce for your help

~/Library/Preferences/ is where just about everything you need to backup lives.
There’s a Cubase folder, Groove Agent, Halion, Mediabay, etc…

Thanks , But Any idea of the specific file I should back up ? because Ive searched a lot on all those folders and the most I can relate to “midi Remote” controller files are the quick controls XML files in that folder , But quick controls are not excatly that correct ? they will be discontinued Pretty soon right ?

So yeah still pretty lost as how I can back all my assigmnets , pleae help !!

I’m not certain on mac but it should be under ~/Documents/Steinberg/

Yes, ~/Documents/Steinberg/Cubase/MIDI Remote/… is the path for the MIDI Remote stuff.

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Holy Cr… p thank you so much … jeeez been looking for it for so long and it’s just there LOL … awsome thank you so very much

I had to comment on this because it also just solved my problem of migrating my custom Novation LK MKIII Midi Remote settings from my Mac to my PC. I just checked it and can confirm that it also works cross platform.

The main reason I’m commenting is because I also posted this question a week or more ago but received no reply, which had me emailing “TECH SUPPORT” (as a panic stricken Tom Cruise was known to yell out in Vanilla Sky) and they came back with “Um, did you try this…?” which didn’t work. WTFrog. Not even the Steinbergs know about this?

This seems like such a simple thing to deal with. Maybe it needs to be shouted from the rooftops from time to time so that busy people don’t lose a lot of time trying to do what’s possible because they’ve been getting bad advice from those who don’t know what’s impossible.

[Rant. Rant. Etc. ] :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the question. And thanks for answering it.

Oops. Spoke too soon. My rant isn’t over yet, it appears.

I was just at my PC and downloaded the demo file for Iconica Sketch. As soon as I opened the file, my custom mapping for MIDI Remote was replaced by the default mapping for the Novation LK MKIII. I tried to reload. No luck so far.

This kind of thing can only be explained by a conspiracy theory. Anyone want to take a crack at it? :slight_smile:

Or maybe just tell me how I can reload my own custom mapping into Cubase 13. I’m sure someone else must have encountered this issue.

[TECH SUPPORT: “Oh no. I assure you that this is the first time we’ve ever heard of that problem. Perhaps there is something wrong with your computer. Or your plugins. Are you Canadian? You are? Well that’s probably it then.” :smiley: ]

My thoughts exactly, Roland. :stuck_out_tongue:

To the OP: have you tried re-importing the new MIDI Remote backup you saved? If what happened to me happens to you, then you might lose your custom mapping page by default of the program starting up in the “local” folder to look for its MIDI Remote assignments — rather than documents/Steinberg/Cubase/etc.

In that sense, it may be a waste of time to save a customized file if one can’t re-import it. Still haven’t heard back from Steinberg on this, so…who knows.

I did try this cross-platform however, so there was an extra “condition” involved.

Wish someone here was a stone-cold expert on such things to steer us all in the right direction.

Hi, in order to properly back up, since you are making custom assignments to the official script (which is in the public folder so indeed it will be overwritten) you need to keep a copy of a file located in the [yourDocumentsFolder]/Steinberg/Cubase/MIDI Remote/User Settings folder and its name is similar to your controller. In the case of the LaunchKey MK3, this would look like this: novation_launchkey_mk3_49_A2990537E9FE1998BAD1CC1D33256E74_globalmappings.json

This file is where all user assignments are written.

Now, on your new installation, make sure that you place this file into the directory stated above and it should work.

Note that @Jochen_Trappe is actually the developer of the MIDI Remote, so I don’t think there’s anyone more specialized to give directions on it. His previous message covered the case, since he advised to backup the folder [yourDocumentsFolder]/Steinberg/Cubase/MIDI Remote. The trick is to restore the file I’m talking about, after the first run of Cubase.

Hey there, m.c. Thanks for the reply.
The file I took from my mac (documents/steinberg…etc) folder was exactly as you described — a global settings json file. I took that via usb stick and put it into my MIDI Remote user folder on my PC (Win10) where it worked once and then seemed to get overwritten. I then restarted Cubase and tried again (I lost track of what happened once things started to go not as expected).

However, IF this is supposed to work, then I will give it another go.

As you mentioned, Jochen would know better than anybody how this works. But his post was merely referencing where to find the file, now how to migrate it from Mac to PC and try to make it work while Cubase is trying to overwrite it. And that’s where I’m stuck at this point. But I’m going to try again and report back here if it works or doesn’t, since no one replied to my original post.

I tried it again a few days ago and this time the mapping page stayed put.

Again, so many details in learning a new program (I’m a Studio One ex-pat) that they sometimes get lost in the mix/shuffle/kerfuffle.

I’m still not entirely sure what the import and export script features are for in the MIDI Remote section if you can just pull those script files directly out of the documents folder on a Mac or PC. My imports certainly didn’t seem to work, but then again, I’m not claiming expert status. :slight_smile:

The import/export functionality - the way I see it - is mostly for “clean” scripts installation, i.e. the ones without any user assignments yet, and it’s helpful for users who don’t even know (nor they should) the location and the underlying folder structure of a midi remote.

Well, I’m glad that I got it working, one way or the other, and that’s one less mystery to solve. Just as impressive is that I got the info on someone else’s post, so I’m going to link my own to this one in case someone needs to find the answer to this great mystery of our times. :slight_smile: