Mac OS finder improvements requests

Hi, after years, I have switched again to Cubase world, and here some of my requests about MacOS finder:

  1. more different documents (and maybe App) icons between Cubase and Dorico, sometimes it seems to be identical and difficult (for me) to distinguish one from another;

  2. in Mac OS currently there is a beautiful and useful feature aivable for almost all file tipes, it is the quick preview aivable pressing the spacebar after selecting a file icon, giving us a useful preview of the file content, in Cubase could give a useful project window overview without opening the project;

  3. a recent project filenames in the contestual menu aivable on the app icon in the dock;

  4. last but not least the full screen mode offered natively by the OS. I know, I’m not the only and the first to have requested this feature, but it seems to me that currently it is one of the priorities for those who work with the need to fully take advantages especially of the laptop display. It has been one of the most useful features offered by MacOs from years now.