Mac os lion input monitoring?

So I am running mac os10.7.4

i bring up the mr editor and i see input level and i can see output level on the mreditor but I can not hear anything through the cans…

If I go into cubase or tools and enable the track I can hear the signal as a software monitored sound…

Is it not possible to hear the input signal direct on a mac?

if not WTF!!!

Add this to my list of disappointments with the MR816!

I need to know what is going on as I have a session on tuesday and this is just crazy!


have you turned on direct monitoring in cubase prefs?


this is to do with the MREditor software for use with say Pro Tools

Not within Cubase

I havent used my 816’s with my pro tools OSX system but I’ve used them on my mobile Reaper recording rig and used the MR Editor to supply zero latency cue mixes to bands no problem,this was using windows though but I can’t see how it would be any different on OSX as you’re not using ASIO direct monitoring but the MR editor.