Mac OS Ventura Any issues with Wavelab or plugins?

I’m still very happily using Monterey 12.6.5 on both my Apple Silicon Macs.

Generally I stay away from the latest newest OS release for stability and compatibility.
But it’s also good to stay reasonably upto date for security patches and keeping everything in the Apple ecosystem playing nice together.

So any experiences with Ventura and wave lab and/or other DAW software?



I’m on a last of the line intel MacBook Pro, but if it helps I have no OS issues with wavelab, protools 2023.3, reaper and my plugins on Ventura, however I may not have the plugins you have

I even have Izotope RX7 running on Ventura fine (if a little slow)

No issues as such. Logic and GarageBand work well, Spectral Layers work well (sometimes sluggish when moving the eraser tool) and Wavelab works fine, though I’ve just lost the ability to record audio within WL for some reason.

I use mainly Waves plugins and all work fine.