Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan status update on compatibility

Well, there’s plenty more! iOS 9 requires El Capitan for full synchronisation. Apples new keyboard/trackpad/mouse requires El Capitan. And on it goes…

And if you buy a new Mac, El Capitan is your only choice!

That’s my problem. I’m blocked upgrading my aging iMac.

I’ll accept having bought a new mac with El Capitan pre-installed, but for the other reasons…? Come on. People have been making music on computers for generations without the need for Apple’s latest mouse or having to have their notes sync’d with their phone.

Cubase will be compatible when it’s ready. Until then, there’s really no much point worrying!

Which is beside the point? Who told you everybody uses their computers JUST for Cubase and music-making?

And what business is of a company to dictate when I should or should not install a new OS, by stalling to update my paid-for product?

No they don’t (care). Public Beta of El Capitan (free to everyone), was available for testing 4 months before release.
Obviously Steinberg didn’t care to even notice, yet alone to download and test it with their products…
Suddenly and totally unannounced El Capitan appears (I’m being sarcastic here) and all the hell beaks loose… What a joke…
As it is, out of “big 4” DAWS, Cubase is THE only one NOT compatible with El Capitan.
PS; Doesn’t bother me much at this stage, since I’m also using (El Capitan certified) - Logic, Live, Reason and Traktion.

New Mac? I have a brand new Mac Pro that I installed an older OS on by just downloading it and creating a boot drive. Apple even states that your previous OS downloads are stored on the App Store for you under the Purchases tab. Accessories? Apple is not the only place in town to buy an Apple trackpad. Don’t fall for the MUST UPGRADE BS that Apple does every September - especially on an OS with such a rocky start.

Unfotunately Steinberg didn’t offer me Cubase for free, I have paid it a lot of money.
So ‘when it’s ready’ is not properly a good message… The “service” is Down, if I was a Company and not a private user I would start to ask Steinberg 10 Euros for each day Cubase “service” is unavailable…
then you will see they will start to take care of beta OS builds and early development/tests for compatibility (at the right time). However I have to thanks Steinberg! Without this embracing fault probably I would not choose to buy Logic Pro, much more cheap and much more better :slight_smile: thank youuuuu

Unless you know something that nobody else does, Apples trackpad and Magic Mouse 2 are the only options if you want those capabilities and features.

No, I’m suggesting that you use your current mouse/trackpad on an older OS that will run on the new hardware or simply buy version 1 accessories from some place other than Apple - which there are many. However, if you’re insisting on being Apple’s guinea pig every time they wave a shiny silver product in front of your face, then good luck with your music hobby.

There are lots of other reasons why equipment needs to be replaced. Why is it so hard to respect that others may simply want to keep their system up to date?

Exactly. I was totally indifferent to the entire El Capitan thing, because Yosemite works in the meantime, but now I have a Magic Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad 2 which has for two weeks been sitting in a drawer. Doesn’t work in any other version than El Capitan.

Still nothing from Steinberg? It would be nice to know the status. Will they freeze this release and NOT have El Capitan compatibility? (Not a good idea) or maybe they’re actually working on a fix? This would be nice to know.


+1 - just got myself a shiny new mbp. Came preinstalled with El Capitan so i can use it for … Nothing at the moment :frowning:

god ya’ll. come on!

Hi Ed. 10 days later…

This is a absolute disgrace! I do understand that it is hard to keep up with all OS changes, but at least give us info what is happening!!

I agree. I’ve been trying to remain impartial to everything - I appreciate the development headaches etc… but there’s something uncomfortable about customers being asked not to upgrade their OS until a fix is figured out.
I’ve also been a diehard and enthusiastic Cubase user since the '90s when I swapped from an Atari to a Mac. Also, I’ve been waiting for this update so that I can finally upgrade from C7 to 8 - but thinking about this and adding up the sums, the cost of upgrading isn’t actually far off buying LogicProX NEW - which I can use now with El Capitan. Maybe that’s the way to go… depends how much longer we have to wait - hopefully very soon… but an update on progress would be greatly appreciated by everyone I’m sure… it’s the least that Steinberg can do, considering that El Capitan was released way back in September ! :wink:


all i can say for my part is:

My system runs perfekt with 10.10.5
There is really no need at all to upgrade the OS at all.
Its not an easy task to keep a extremely complex DAW up to date for every OS update.
It makes no sense blaming Steinberg for that. Of course they want compatibility as fast as possible.
But it is often not easy to predict when a final release will be ready.
Also even Cubase is one if the big DAW’s, it is still a small market compared to other big software companies.
That means that Steinberg dont have an army of developers like Apple or MS.
So, things take more time as we users would expect.

I feel sorry for the users who have bought a new MAC with 10.11 pre installed.
They have to wait.

Again, i am extremly happy with my current system.
There is nothing about 10.11 that would make it really better.

Ok, the Notes App is better.
Wow, now thats important. :slight_smile:



In your opinion.

If only there were several developer pre-releases, followed by several public betas to make this task easier.

Steinberg are 100% responsible for this and have dealt with many software upgrades before. It’s nonsense to suggest they cannot predict a release date.

Perhaps they could move resources from the department of endless sample-pack releases.

For what? It’s perfectly possible to run Yosemite on a new Mac.

Again, congratulations.

Some people don’t even know what they don’t know.