Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan status update on compatibility

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you about the current situation regarding compatibility tests on Apple’s latest operating system, El Capitan. In our first statement we were unable to issue a recommendation. We continued to run a considerable number of tests and have come across additional, previously unknown issues. This means that the availability of compatible product versions is further delayed.

We deeply regret the unfortunate news which leads us to advise against updating to OS X 10.11. We’ll keep you posted on anything new.

Very different responses here (none) to the rabble and abuse over on the Cubase forum, eh? Makes one appreciate the higher entry price to N in some ways … (can’t believe I said that). It’ll happen when it happens and Yosemite is quite fine, thankyouverymuch. FYI, now that the UA 8.4 Apollo FW drivers are out, I’m reasonably happy with El Cap, Nuendo, ProTools, NI etc & duplicate clean install to Yosemite (but is only a test system on a B Drive). But then, I don’t do any ‘real’ work on it, just shove the pixels around, open old projects & keep the updates going. Apple likely have their hands full with the basics, like Mail, Finder, Notes, iOS interoperability etc. Sound?

We have a knowledge base article online now:

Here is a significant Opportunity For Improvement:

It would be extremely useful if Steinberg would sweep through the website and forums and either remove (from the website) or mark (in the forums) those information updates which have been superseded. As I write, the original web article from September is still there, without even any links to more recent information, at

The October web article is still there, also without links to more recent information, at

There are numerous user postings in many places around the forums, most of which are either wrong or seriously out of date.

And last but not least, there is this forum thread itself.

It would be a great service to Steinberg’s customers to have one and only one location for the official word on this, to make sure that it is frequently checked and updated as needed, and that references to it be added to user threads on the subject.

That would constitute a significant improvement in customer service on this issue.

The two links are leading to news on the website. News are news and they have a date and both hint at the fact that we will release news to update the status as we have them.
But you are right to suggest checking other resources like forum threads and keep only one with the current information available. Thanks!

The most recent post on this thread is 10 months old. Apple has already announced the next OS. Is there any current news on whether 7.1 is compatible with El Capitan?

7’s been El Capitan-compatible for at least a couple of revs.


Thanks! Now I need to check all my plugs and hardware drivers.