Mac OS-X to Windows 7 64?

Just got a MacBook Pro for my real work (recording hobbyist here). Can I setup and record a project in C7.5 on my Mac and then open the project in W7x64 without any issues? I know that I can render .wav files to zero and import, etc., but it would be quite convenient to just open the project in Windows.

I guess I would ask the flip question as well (Windows to Mac) and “reopening” the project back in Mac after going Mac to Windows.

I did search the forum but the terms were too common to get any meaningful results, so my apologies if this was addressed here before.

Also, assume that any plugins used are in both computers… would only use the MacBook for remote recording and would keep everything minimal. PC is my dedicated recording machine.

Thanks! Loving the improvements in 7.5!!! I am primarily a Nuendo user, but find myself using C7.5 over N6 right now.

Hello Scott,

It’s easy. Just try it! Theoretically it should work. Things to concern are just the addresses (Plugins, VSTi’s, libraries, etc.). If you get them right, it will open with no hassle. Cubase projects (especially of the same version) are fully compatible in both platforms.

Good luck.

I do this everyday - Windows @ the Studio and OSX at home… Only real problem I have is some plugin names is different on the 2 platform. Thus, cubase error stating it can’t find the plugin, although it is installed. Not a cubase fault, just some vendors that change the name.

Great! Thanks for the quick reply and tips.

I did it a few years back no issues.