Mac osx requirements

Hi there!
I’m having some interogations about requirements for cubase 13. I’m currently using a macbook pro mid 2019 with 32gb ram and 6core cpu i7. I’m getting a lot of audio dropout. I’m at 44.1hz at buffer size arround 64 i’ve tried also 32 and 128 same result. I get that i use some vsti which would be hard on my cpu i can see it peak on the audio performance panel. The vsti i use is SD3 Addictive keys Halionsonic and 2 or 3 simple audio tracks. The question is : does my computer specs are too low and if so what would work in my case? I’m open to buy new computer if needed cause write now i’m not able to mix anything… The plan here is to be able to play and ear me real time with the monitoring option in cubase.

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Read the Minimal System Requirements, please. The best way always is to download Cubase Trial and test it on the given system.

Then it’s probably a good investment. :wink:

From the page you post my computer would be enough but still very buggy and a lot of cpu consomption… also cubase shutting down after a few hours.
The thing is i don’t want to buy the mac studio m2 without knowing if it will fix my problem. So i’m looking for someone with similar setup as me…
I not sure on which to buy between m2 and m2ultra.
Thank you for your response btw :slight_smile:
Also the new macbook m3 could be an option…


If Cubase crashes, attach the *.ips files, please.

Hi, I’m using Mac Studio M2 Ultra, and I can say, I don’t have 99% of all the mentioned issues in this Forum. Everything works as expected, the system load is as expected, the overall performance is as expected.

I only have one issue, that the solo and mute of a track goes crazy after a few hours of working… means, it’s stuck somehow, the solo button becomes yellow, and it’s just stuck then… but after some minutes, it starts working again. But this seems a program issue, nothing to do with the Mac.

I’m totally happy with Cubse 13 (except some graphics desgin, but thats another theme) on my Mac Studio, still Ventura because plugins… but running in Silicon mode, no issues. I run it in parallel with Nuendo 12, no issues, even in parallel with Pro Tools, no issues. Cheers.

@stefankoebeli can you tell me your specs?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Mac Studio M2 Ultra, 24-Core CPU, 60-Core GPU, 32-Core Neural Engine
64 GB Ram

Nothing special… the standard configuration in the Apple store.

Just have a small Behringer Studio L as a monitor controller. That’s it.
I had Steinberg UR 28m, but that makes really more troubles… the drivers are crap in my opinion.

The most plugins i use are from Softube, Soundtoys and Waves and Plugin-Alliance, also using iLock, no issues at all.

Alright are you using any vsti?

I’ve got an M2 Max MacBook Pro with 64gb. It seems to be good with Cubase 13. If you want to get a more detailed response, maybe a good way would be to run one of the C13 demo projects and see what your machine does and then others can run the same demo and compare notes with you.


I feel like laptop would deliver less power… am i wrong?
I guess i could buy the studio m2ultra test it and give it back i got any problem with it… i’m going to go to apple soon to see if i could do that