Mac OSX workflow and navigation

One of my biggest strengths on Windows was my ability to have a clean workflow. This made my job quick, painless and precise. I looked and felt professional and confident. I’d like this to continue now that I’ve switched to OSX on an Apple iMac.
Right out of the gates I’m having trouble getting my environment setup. I like to quickly switch between the console, mixer, piano roll and other views. This is a must have for me. With the iMac I’m limited to the one screen, so moving windows to the left or right is not an option. (For me and my setup) Can someone please enlighten me on how to accomplish switching views on one screen?
In Windows 10 I found that using Alt+Tab actually allowed me to choose the windows I need. This was fast on one screen and sufficient. On the Mac I’ve found that Control+up or down keys take me to an over view of open windows, but then I have the added step of selecting the window I want. To be clear, I’m looking for a key combination that will let me scroll between Cubase windows so that I can go back and forth or scroll through the editors that I have open. Please, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Read about Workspaces in Cubase, please.

You can also use the system Key Command for “Move focus to next window” (System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Keyboard). This is the same you were using on Windows.


Thanks Martin. Migrating from one DAW to another and on another OS has been a bit overwhelming. My whole studio is brand new, which sounds great, but the work is a massive undertaking.
So Cubase is not the source of the answer, but OSX.
A global Workspace is a good idea for someone like me because I use almost the same setup in every project. Add the now default Workspace and this key combo and it’s time for fast view switching/scrolling.
Now my Key Editor, Project view and Mixer view and any other open view can be switched to with just command+`.
As a side note, control+F3 (move focus to the dock) or Control+down arrow also produce an interesting switching screen by showing all the open windows used only in Cubase.
Now the picky engineering folks out there can pick their preferred method or use both to create a lightning fast workflow.