MAC, PC or BootCamp for Cubase?

I see alot of people today running Windows thru Boot Camp on Mac. Did windows (windows 7 64bit) become better OS than OSX?
anyone have any facts or opinions, testimonies about on which OS you have more luck or better performance? MAC, PC or WIndows on Mac thru bootcamp?

I kinda found the answer partially here:

Thanks for the link. I would have never guessed that the difference was really that obvious. Those benchmarks shows that running Windows would be a better choice for those who really needs alot of CPU for VST plugins. Windows seems alot faster on all tested DAWs (Cubase+Nuendo included). Although switching operating system just because you can run more VST’s isn’t for everyone.

My personal experience with a MacPro 1.1, 2x 2,66GHz OSX10.6 vs Win7 64(Bootcamp), no difference in CPU power for Cubase 6, add some mono audiotracks with waves IR and duplicate till the system come to it´s end, save the project, reboot to the other system, load the project, no difference, the same numbers of tracks on both platforms!
the link above is nonsens, because there is no test between OSX & Win7 on the same hardware…

The benchmark tests where done on the same hardware (Intel i7 920 Quadcore/ 2.66 GHZ/Intel X58 / 6 GB DDR3-PC10600).

OK, my fault, the questions was to run Win7 64 with bootcamp, that means on a Mac, the test was with PC Hardware.
I have no difference between OSX 10.6 & Win 7 64 on Cubase6 with Waves IR on tracks all on MacPro.
Maybe there are differences with 64bit plugs…
But if you have a Mac, you can stay on it.

I remember when i used i7 desktop pc win 7 Q5 that compared to my nowadays macbookpro i5 Q6 osx6 that my mac can open lots of more plugs.Also less crashes.