Mac performance enhancements in 6.5?

Thread title says it all…any mac users who can chime in?

It’s still very early, so I’m not making any definitive statements.

The attachments show VST Performance of the C5 demo tune in C6 and C6.5 with an I/O of 256. I’m running Lion so that means no Monologue.

An I/O of 192 yields about 45-50% on the meter. 128 ranges from 55 to 70%. Both ins C6.5
Put the 5 On It_C6 256.png
Put the 5 On It_C6.5 256.png
Hopefully others will post comparisons.



Could you elaborate? One of those screenshots is performance in c6 and the other in c6.5?

I’m not seeing a difference on my system. Had an instance running Padshop crash for no reason. I’d get a crash every week and a half or so before the update so we’ll see if that changes.

I only run cubase in 64 bit.

Looks dead even on your comparison. I wonder if Lion makes a difference-I’m still running 10.67.

I think, there won’t be any improvement on performance. In some thread it was said that it is a “failure” of OS X because it can’t handle several CPU cores as good as Windows can. Video editing software would compare similarly on both systems. Can’t remember the thread though.
A sad thing.

I’m not sure if Lion makes a difference. If I’m reading Wolf-Rays signature correctly, there’s no difference between C6 and C6.5 on Snow (Leopard?)

The screen shots were from my i5 MacBook Pro with 8 GB RAM, 7200 rpm internal drive which is used for idea development. An external 7200 rpm fw hd is used for sample libraries but was not used in this comparison.

If you have the C5 demo tune, play it see how it compares with my VST performance. My hunch is that C6.5 VST Performance will look the same as C6 on your system.

If anything my setup freezes a little more (Sometimes with spinning ball) but finally finds itself again. Not sure what to make of it yet

If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t noticed any performance difference on my Windows PC between 6.05 and 6.5.

A real test would be to run the same project on mac Cubase, then again in bootcamp/Windows 7 x64 & Cubase 64 bit on the same computer, and compare the performance meter. Make sure Windows has the basic audio optimizations. Disable Aero/Desktop Composition and set processor scheduling to background services, you’re done.

I’m not sure where the notion that Cubase runs more efficiently in Windows than OS X came from. I wonder if anyone has actually done an apples to apples comparison.

I believe lower latency can be achieved on a PC. I’m not sure if it’s specifically a Windows issue-I think it’s something about the way Macs handle audio.

Well I was going to do a test on my Macbook with that same project with Cubase 6.05 (I have not updated it to 6.5 yet) and post the results. Then update to 6.5 and post those results as well.
However when I try to launch Cubase (6.05) on my Mac it is saying I no longer have a valid license. I used that same dongle when I updated my PC to 6.5 so I guess I can no longer run earlier versions of Cubase.

The 6.5 license should enable you to run all previous versions. You’re saying that 6.5 runs fine, but 6.0 complains about a license?

Sounds like you need to contact support.

I got the license thing sorted out. I just had to do an auto update list or something, anyway.
I used the Cubase 6 Demo Project “Live Forever” from the Cubase 6 install disk.
I used Cubase 6.05 and Cubse 6.5
I also did a test with the Cubase Performance test v 5.0 from
I was going to post screenshots of all the tests, but the difference in improvememt with 6.5 is so small it is not worth it.
I took a screen shot of the VST performance meter while stopped and while playing.
If you zoom in on the screenshot and count the little blue lines on the meter with 6.5, the are 2 little bars less in both projects. So what is that maybe 1 or 2% better performance.
For example with the “Live Forever” project in 6.05 there are 9 bars lit up in 6.5 there are 7 bars lit up (around 10% total)
I used my Macbook (specs below) with the Motu 828 set to 256 samples.