(Mac) Place cursor at start of the timeline!

Hi everyone.
This comes under the category of stuff I can do with Pro Tools which is eminently simple and logical…
I simply want to go to the start of my project by passing return!
Simple hey??

To me it makes absolute that the return key (on any part of any keyboard) defaults to take play cursor to start.

Pro Tools works in this way and I took it for granted.

How the hell do I get his to work? I’ve mucked around now for 30 minutes trying to program a shortcut for my Return key.

I go to the list of commands I can use.

I find … go to project start… Oh that seems like what I need… can’t find any other command even close.

I program it… nope… cursor doesn’t move to start.

To me this is just nuts.

So… how do I do this??

btw… This is one in a literary of things Ive discovered when trying to move to cubase from Pro Tools.

The great thing about pro tools is the keyboard focus mode… (a-z) button…

Audio editing could not be more intuitive.

Cubase (whilst seeming completely programmable) comes out of the box with such bizarre behaviour.

Like… If you made a list of the top 10 editing behaviours you require to simply edit a piece of audio… the behaviour is quite bizarre to me.

Anyway…Any help is much apprenticed. Cannot believe I need to post here to achieve what to me is the absolute starting point of audio editing.

Start from the beginning!!!???


In the Key Command, search for the “Go to Project Start”. As you can see, by default the , and the Num . keys are assigned by default. Assign the Return key.

I have done exactly as you said.

This does not work.

I have combined selection tools.
When I unselect combine section tools this works.

However I want it to work like pro tools

With Pro Tools you simply click your cursor in the region at a point you want playback to start from. You press space bar and it simply plays from the spot.
Press spacebar to stop and your play head goes back to exactly where you selected originally. That is a completely logical thing.

Now, after that if I decide I want to play the project from the very start I simply press return and the play head goes to the start of the project. Press space bar and you are now playing from the start of the project. Once again… a completely logical and critical task. And I cannot find a way to do this… and this should be 100% a default action!

I also have cycle follows range selection checked… which makes sense…
The problem is the when I press return there is no selection made… the location point doesn’t move when I hit return

Did you try the Key Command preset with the ProTools commands?

Yes. It does.not work.