[MAC] Plugins folder is a MESS!!


Brand new to Cubase (normally use Logic Pro) and one feature I thought was cool was the ability to organize plugins NOT by manufacturer (which is how logic does it) but by function. i.e. EQ, modulation, dynamics, reverb, etc. However, it seems my plugins list is simply a MESS, where some plugins are in folders by functions, some in folders by manufacturers, and some in no folders at all!!

Is there anyway to clean up this mess?

dont think so.

out of curiosity what made you make the switch from logic to cubase?

This might help:

Preference>VST>Plug-ins>Sort plug-ins by vendor.

Otherwise, Steinberg has commented that they are working on better VST organisation for a future update. Roll on…!

Weird: I found the “plugin information” window which shows categories for all your plugins, but there seems to be no way to actually EDIT this information! DARN!!! I wonder why the didn’t just add the ability to edit?! Guess I have to go back to “view by vendor” in order to actually have my plugins organized? :frowning:

edit: I see thats what you recommend too Steve - will add it and roll on. :slight_smile: at least Cubase has a search feature to make loading plugins faster.

As for leaving Logic for Cubase, I cant say I’m fully switched. Used Logic for years and know it pretty well, but I have a composer I collaborate with on occasion and he uses Cubase. Though I can get the work done in Logic, on his last project I tried using Cubase 6.5 demo and I enjoyed it very much, as it has some REALLY cool features - track folders, use of multiple ports in Kontakt / VE pro, custom macros you can assign to key commands, arrange page split, the fact VST plugins accept midi in/out (AU’s do not) etc - but couldn’t justify owing it. I found Cubase 6 on a blowout sale last week (with free upgrade to Cubase 7) and thought I would buy it if anything to be able to collaborate again in the future.

Going to try it on my next AeonSatori song and see how it goes, and was trying to setup a template when I ran into this issue. Probably going to run into quite a few questions, so hopefully you all dont mind! BTW, thank you Steinberg for offering a fully functional 30 day demo of your software. In all honesty if it wasn’t for being able to demo Cubase on a project, I wouldn’t have ever purchased the program!

Test 2: I noticed that my VST folder had subfolders in it for manufacturers, so for fun I tried creating my own folders in the plugins -> VST folder and it actually worked!! For example, I threw all my “reverb” plugins into a custom “reverb” folder and they all showed up as reverbs in Cubase!!

Going to try doing this for all my plugins and see what happens, but so far I’m excited!!

This will work for your VST 2 plug-ins only. VST3 plugs work differently.

LOL! Wish I would have waited for your reply BEFORE I organized my plugins, haha! I was wondering why I still had stragglers not in categories, and now I know why! :frowning:

Oh well, back to organizing by manufacturer. :frowning:

Should I remove the plugins from my custom folders? I just thought it might cause a problem when updating plugins if they are not in their original install position?

Aloha j, and welcome to Cubase.

A major feature request for C7 has been for an effective plug-ins manager.

Here is one thread on that topic: (and like yours there are several more)

as Steve posted:

they are working on better VST organisation for a future update.

Fingers crossed.