MAc refusing to recognise Steinberg UR22C despite complete downloads

Hi there
Ive tried absolutely everything - my Steinberg software and interface retailer has also been onto my computer and can’t locate the problem - please help!

Ive downloaded everything as specified - tools for mac, cubase elements etc. but my mac shows no recognition of the steinberg product being attached.
Ive tried going through audio midi setup, separate DAWs such as audacity - nothing.

The lights are on on the interface machine - it’s receiving power. Im reliant on this for my livelihood at the moment and am desperate for assistance.

Can you open the program “dspMixFX UR-RT2” ?

What is your MacOS version, what Mac are you on?

Hi there
Thanks for replying

I can open that programme, yes.
I’m on a Macbook pro, 2014, running MacOS Catalina, version 10.15.4


If that launches it means the UR device is connected and your computer can see it.

Have you looked at his page?