Mac shortcuts in Save dialogs

One thing that gets in my way when using Sibelius seems to be an issue in Dorico too: Mac key shortcuts for copy, cut, and paste don’t work. I have to right-click file name fields instead. I do a lot of work in my day job involving files inside of identically-named folders, and this hangup costs me a fair bit of time.

Because this is an issue in both apps, I wonder: is there a reason for this? If not, could this be resolved somewhere down the line?

Unfortunately I suspect the problem is due to both applications’ use of the Qt application framework. I’m not sure why those shortcuts don’t work in the file dialogs, but I’ll see if I can find out.

After a bit of research it does appear to be a bug with Qt’s handling of the system File dialogs. We’ll bring this up with their technical staff and see whether there’s anything they are willing to do about it.

That’s better than the zero answers I had before. Thanks, Daniel.