Mac - time to jump ship?

I have been using one Mac Pro for the last 5 years. Now its time for an upgrade. With the Mac OS going more and more in the direction of iOS, and a new version of the OS every year, maybe its time to go back to Windows? Just build a powerhouse Windows 7 PC and stay there? In the studio I dont use the computer for anything other than recording and mixing music anyway, so all those "great" new features of OS 10.7 and 10.8 I really dont see myself needing. And I dont think its possible to buy a new Mac today and run it with OS 10.5 or 10.6?
Anyone else thinking along these lines, or is it just me? :unamused:

There are specific reasons to use a Mac:

  1. You prefer the OS.
  2. You are using software that is OSX only.
  3. You are using hardware that has no Windows drivers, or the drivers don’t work well in Windows
  4. The software you intend to use works better in OSX

Other than these specific points, there is no reason not to use Windows. As far as Cubase and Nuendo are concerned points 2 and 4 are non-existent, so it’s really down to points 1 and 3.


For me Mac Os itself is more stable OS, you don’t have to think about malware and viruses, which is a real PITA in Windows. And because both HW&OS are from Apple there is no compartibility issues.

You can scratch that off your list given recent events. :unamused:

my studio DAW is connected 24/7 to the net since windows 7 x64 2 years ago and using only MicrosoftSecurityEssentials as my security running in the background, ive had no issues whatsoever.

In fact not having your DAW online these days is a real PITA what with licenses and copy protection etc.

Anyway back to the OP, windows 7 x64 is a great DAW OS, windows 8 is around the corner and that does seem to be going in a similar direction to iOS, however I get the impression that underneath the hopefully optional Metro interface it’s still the good old windows 7 we know and love. I think it will be a more streamlined,faster booting,slimmer OS which can only be good for a DAW.

Generally windows is very good at keeping backwards compatibility so I think things that run well on 7 will be fine on 8