[MAC] TOOLS for MR update to 1.7.2-2

We have uploaded new TOOLS for MR that fix the issue of the Firewire driver not being updated correctly to version 1.7.1 on Mac OS X. Please find the update at http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads_hardware/downloads_mr816.html

I assume this update does not yet address the lack of Direct Monitoring over multiple units?

Should I be able to download the latest 1.7.2-2 drivers from the Steinberg site? I need the latest version as my copy of OS X 10.7 won’t support Power Pc plugins which I need for the Tools for MR disk that came with the hardware. Iv’e been trying for over two weeks now without being able to connect to the ftp server while my MR816 remains useless to me.

For support I’ve been directed to Yamaha music in my country and they have not responded to my enquiries. This forum is closest to direct contact with Steinberg that I have.

I just checked the update for Mac OS X and it works just fine here. Could you try another browser or computer to access the update?

This update worked fine for me, but this update is a year old! Why is it that the MR Tools software that came with the MR816x that I bought a week ago didn’t contain the most updated software?

(Background: I’m running Mountain Lion and just bought the MR816x, and so I tried to install the software that came with the device. After what seemed like a successful installation, I restarted the computer. When the computer started up, I was met with the “failed to initialize” error message. The manual that came with the MR816x told me that the solution was to “restart the computer,” and besides that I had no leads. Luckily I was able to find this page, and so I downloaded the update and installed this software instead. Now, everything seems to work fine; I’ll be back if something else fails.)

We usually do not return products to update the box content and especially at a local dealer, a unit might have been ordered quite some time before it is sold so there is always a chance of outdated drivers.
Checking the website for updates is always a good idea.

After the uptdate i can use the Hardware setup window in Cubase (i can´t route nothing from the Headphones the reverb…nothing…
I have already reinstaled the driver…factory defaults…nothing…
The comands for the MR doen´s work…
I need help here it´s first time the this appen