Mac user Cubase 6 Which Audio Interface do you recommend?

I just converted over to Mac. I have to say I’m very happy cause I can bootcamp to OSX or Windows 7, this is important for an IT guy like me.

Anyway, I have a new laptop and I need a good interface. I’m a low latency kind of guy, like 1.5 or 3.0 ms like I’m used to with my hammer-fall on my desktop PC.

I am looking at the baby face but I’m not sure you’ll be able to get latencies that low.
I’m also looking at the apogee duet 2 but I’m not familiar with those.

Does anyone have suggestions for a Mac newbie?

-Scotty T.

Yes, you should post this in the Studio Hardware & Setup, but I’m really happy with my Apogee Duet - just a bit annoyed that I bought it shortly before the new version was announced. I’ve not tried it in Bootcamp though, so it would be worth checking that out.