Mac users: 6.04 UD working ok for you?

on 10.6 os and 6.03 the EWQL goliath and strings are working flawlessly.Reading your text im kinda scared to put 6.04 on.

Thanks for the link, but what I want to know is not in there. Let me rephrase:

  • Is HalionOne still included with Cubase6? Or has it been replaced by HalionSonic SE?

  • If HalionOne is still a part of C6, may I assume it works fine in 64-bit mode?

  • If HAO has been replaced, does HalionSonic SE still have ALL the sounds of HalionOne? I have the full HalionSonic and it is a completely different soundset.


It would be really helpful if someone from Steinberg can chime in?

Somehow I get the feeling it would be safer to run 64-bit stuff in VEP.

My bad, should have checked this out first:

HALion Sonic SE replaces HALion ONE, but all HALion ONE sounds have been refurbished and are now included in HALion Sonic SE — together with brilliant new content.

So to all you C6 users, if you load up older projects are all HalionOne tracks automatically re-assigned to the appropriate sounds in HalionSonic SE?

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Also, I’m about to pull the trigger on going 64-bit native (OSX). Have all the missing features (as described in Beuermann’s sticky) returned?

IIRC, HalionOne is still included in Cubase 6 for backwards compatability. Otherwise, all the sounds that were in HalionOne are also in HSSE with the same preset names. I don’t think Cubase can change the halionOne tracks to HSSE automatically unfortunately, but like I said, I believe HalionOne is in fact still in Cubase 6.

edit: I just found this in the Cubase 6 installation guide thingy:

HALion ONE: This VST Instrument is no longer installed by default and has been replaced by the VST 3 instrument HALion Sonic SE. If you have Cubase 5 or Sequel still installed on your system, HALion ONE will be available in Cubase 6. If you install Cubase 6 with no prior Cubase 5 or Sequel installation available on the system, HALion ONE will be unavailable.

However, you may want to install it if you want to load Cubase or Sequel projects using it, or if you use content sets requiring this VST instrument (e.g. VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers).

To install HALion ONE, start the Cubase installer via the Cubase Start Center from DVD, use the “Customize” button and enable HALion ONE. Please note that even though HALion ONE and its content will be available after that, no VST presets will be installed! It is just provided to ensure project compatibility. Please change to HALion Sonic SE for creating new projects. The HALion ONE sound library has been included in HALion Sonic SE, so none of your favorite sounds are lost.

from here:

Thanks, that is pretty clear then.

Meanwhile, to all: how’s life with 64-bit Cubase on OSX? Any compatibility issues? Has OMF and MP3 export been sorted?

Aloha z,
No probs here with omf or mp3 export.


Thanks, Curteye. How’s the VST bridge for 32-bit plug-ins working for you?

Aloha z,

Recently I up-graded to 10.7.2 (Lion) which does not
support ‘Rosetta’.
Therefore the VST bridge (which uses Rosetta)
does not work.

However just last week when using 10.6.8 Snow Leopard (in 64bit).
the bridge worked just fine.

All 32bit plugs were available even tho’ the 'puter
and C6 were running in 64 bit.

Access to each plug-ins GUI’s was weird, but once in,
everything was normal.

As it stands now, with 10.7/C6 in 64bit much of my IK Multimedia
(SampleTank etc) stuff does not work so I am
waiting for 64bit updates.

On the upside:
If I boot up Cubase in 32bit, all those plugs work again.
This way I am not stuck.

Business gets slow around here till just before x-mas
so Oct-Dec is a good time for me to make
major adjustments and changes.

So far all is working out according to plan and schedule.


Now that is the sort of reply that actually helps, thanks Curteye!

This would be a good time for me to upgrade as well. I guess I’m ready!