Mac Users, Could you check this please?

Try this for me, Im curious:

  1. Open MR Console , set all faders at 0db, store that scene
  2. Close MR Editor
  3. Open Cubase and select an empty project to load up
  4. Close Cubase down
  5. Open MR Editor and tell me what you see? I bet youll see ALL the faders turned all the way down/off and youll see the DAW FADER at zero where you left it.

Cubase takes over the driver when you open a project, it doesnt release the driver when you leave Cubase to set the MR Faders back where you had them UNLESS you load up your scene again.

Why is this a problem?
*I have a lot of gear going into a rack line mixer which feeds into my MR. I like to turn on the MR and the line mixer and be able to play and and hear it (Keyboards). IF Im using Cubase and I forget to OPEN UP the MR Editor and re-load the saved Scene BEFORE I shut down the Mac, the faders are left down at zero and I have to turn the Mac back on and re-load the scene to get sound again.

CUBASE is the ONLY DAW that does this. Logic, StudioOnePro, Reaper ALL leave the faders alone after using them.

Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks guys

Yes, I have a simular issue with the latest MR 816 tools update (1.7.4). I can open a project, perform recording and play back, but when I close and quit the program I receive an error message plus, the on screen editor is faded. In addition, I receive the message about the “IEEE 1394” is being used by another device. My iMac only has one Ieee1394 input Internet interface input for fire wire. I didn’t have this problem before now.

This is NOT the issue Im talking about. I do think you should start a thread with this issue though. Mine is solely about the faders being zeroed down in the MR Editor after using Cubase. Thanks though

Yes, you are correct. Cubase lowers all the faders upon closing a project. It’s not just 1.7.4, it’s always been this way. It bugged me too when I first started using the MR816 because I don’t always fire up the whole system to practice keys. But honestly, after others complained on the forum and it never got fixed after several updates I found its not that big of a chore to open the editor after closing Cubase and load the preset I made to reset it the way I like it. Once it was habit, it stopped bugging me.

Maybe Steinberg didn’t fix it for a reason, like protecting our systems??

Shanabit, I am experiencing the same as you. This was not an issue until Cubase 7 and MR816x tools 1.7.4. Have you contacted Steinberg to report this issue?

Its ALWAYS been that way here, clear back to version 5 I believe.

Steinberg is well aware of the issue, even Japan knows. Their solution (Instead of the MR Console going back to your preset when you close cubase is to ) . Open the MR Console and make sure you load your preset back up after using Cubase, BEFORE you shutdown

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