Mac Users - How is C6 So far?

I know there is a demo version available, but before I download and authorize I thought I’d see how MAC users are feeling about Cubase 6 so far. Comments? THANKS!

So far it mostly seems to be working fine, as long as you avoid using 32 bit plugins when in 64-bit mode. I started out in 32-bit mode, then switched to 64-bit mode using only 64-bit plugins (I’ve only got 4 Gb of memory at the moment but have noticed approximately a 5% improvement in CPU usage with the 64-bit version).

The trouble started as soon as I loaded a 32-bit plugin (the C5 HSO player) - sudden hangs and a refusal to quit. I ended up trashing all of my preferences and moving the 32-bit plugins out to a separate folder before I could get back to a stable system. I’m mostly using MIDI and VSTi’s with not much audio work yet, and all-in-all like the look and feel of C6.


P.S. I spoke to soon - after posting this Cubase quit unexpectedly on opening. It’s the first this has happened, so I’ll see how it goes.

Works great here. No crashes yet after a couple of days use. I have kept a copy of Logic just for replacing drums. That’s over now with Cubase 6’ new features. Wonderful program.
I still don’t like to carry my dongle around, so on my MBP I still use Logic. In the studio it’s Cubase6. Very, very nice :slight_smile:

Very cool. Thank you for giving your thoughts. I’d love to hear what others had to say. Especially people like you who have been running Cubase for a few versions.


Upgraded from C5 to C6 on my i5 quad core iMac, and have only had one crash in the month and a half period of use. It happened while switching one insert plugin for another in the mixer, but that was on the very first load of the said third party plugin (which is forgivable, in my opinion). Aside from this, the only other thing that has been of issue is the template creation problem, which has been discussed (and resolved) on this forum. Other than this, I have not had any other problems at all. Everything performs beautifully. Very well-done, Steinberg!

SO far all my Old projects from SX to Cubase 5 have opened perfectly and Ive only had a few crashes when audiowarping to many tracks with the new elastique algo.

Aloha S,

Sounds like good news! Thanks to all that responded so far. I really dig 5, and am very interested in getting 6 when the time is right.


Anyone else? Thanks!

I got C6 two weeks ago. No problems so far. I’m actually surprised.
All my projects have open just fine.
The nicest surprise was after installing C6 I went to open a project
I’ve been working on and “recent projects” list was populated just as
it was in C5. Nice…
All my plugs are there.
I’m running 32 bit.

All the best,

It’s been pretty solid so far in 10.6.6, however I’ve run into issues re-loading projects that contain plug-ins that no longer exist. I’ve been demo’ing several plugins lately in a few projects and decided to uninstall the plugs I wouldn’t use. Now those projects won’t open, Cubase just crashes on startup after the loading screen.

No big deal for me since the projects were just for testing but I’ll still fill out a bug for it since with Cubase 4 this issue never happened.

Other than that, C6 has been pretty amazing (I’m coming from C4).

I’ve many issues with FX’s and Group channels that loses them settings, including vst’s fx and panning…
I had sent the projects to Steinberg, waiting to get a reply and a solution… :unamused:

Just an update - I’ve not had another crash since my earlier post and everything has been working fine since - apart from short freezes when using a heavily loaded HALion Sonic LE in some projects, which could be a resource issue.

I’ve used every version of Cubase since VST (switched from PC to Mac at C4), and C6 looks like becoming the best yet.

Wow, that last comment was very helpful thanks. It is what I’ve been hoping for!