MAC users - slightly OT snow leopard question.

I’m one of those guys who wait’s as long as possible to upgrade operating systems and software. I usually wait until it’s mandatory.
So, I Just upgraded my system to 10.6.7 on my MBP from 10.5.8 because I’m finally going to install CB6.

After upgrading to SL I discovered an issue with my WiFi stability where pages would sometimes not load. I learned that It’s a well documented issue for some people as you can see from this 75 page thread which spans from 2009 to present.

So here are two questions:

Are there any other Mac users who have experienced this WiFi issue in SL?

Are there any Mac users who have installed CB6 on a Leopard, 10.5.8 system?


I’m going to give this a bump.
So, no-one here experiencing any of this?

I know it’s not supported but has anyone installed CB6 on Leopard?

I have cubase 6 artist on an IMAC quad core 2.7ghz with 4 gigs of Ram (looking to upgrade in a couple of wks). I have not had any of the issues listed, but I just purchased my imac not even a week ago. It already had mac os 10.6.8 on it.