MAC Vs PC Direct Monitoring don´t work....Why?

People of Steinberg, I am very confuse.
I am user of Nuendo, Cubase in PC with Motu and always I could set the direct monitoring withouth problems.
If I am recording a voice for example and I need to make a punch in like magnetophone style with PC I could.
Now I had the great Idea to change the machine for one Mac and I lost this wonderful characteristic, I am force to use the interface monitoring. To see… I changed at the same time for an Esamble Apogee interface and I thought that the problem was of Apogee but I discovered because I need to fix it buying another Motu again, I thought Ok if Apoge e is the problem I return to Motu because with it I could In PC make try this function but Boala… with MOTU is exactly the same I need to listen withouth latency but via the Cue mix of Motu. I can´t believe… Now I am force to buy an Yamaha interface to fix it? There are someone that can explain this problem? Thank you very much.

AFAIK your “mistake” was buying a Mac.

I think that in OSX you have to use your soundcard’s software monitoring to get DM. This certainly used to be the case. Maybe a Mac user can chime in to confirm or deny.


Ok you have PC and don´t have problems I had too and was great.
Now with the same software and the same interface don´t work

Of course If I put the software of the Interface Cuemix in MOTU and Maestro in Apogee the latency zero is great but the function like a Magnetophone is imposible… a real shit for systems of thousands of dollars no?
I invested a lot only for best look no for best performance… What a pitty for me.

Yes sometimes Mac is a bit more stable…

Come on people of Steinberg!! can someone tell something of it?

Didn’t I just tell you? Assuming that things haven’t changed it’s a Mac problem, not a Steinberg problem.

BTW Mac is no more stable than PC. A Mac is a PC. Just with a different default OS, which is no more or less stable than Windows. :wink:


Who make the driver?
Come on

Apogee force to the people to work with Logic
Motu force to work with Performer.
Cubase with Yamaha…

Why all of them tell YES we are compatible… NO is a Lye!
No full compatible!!! and they needs to write that it is like it is…

Really this world is so complex…