MAC: VST + bus setup // Metronome records over track

Hello, quick and to the point. I recently updated my mac to Catalina and something strange happened. Here are two problems I cannot seem to fix:

  • Steinberg ur22mk2 Sound Card

  • Cubase LE AI 8 software

  • I record guitar through Guitar Rig. Whenever I turn on the monitor setting on Cubase, only feedback ensues.

  • While recording with a click, the click track ends up on the recording.

––>How to fix the above problems? Driving me crazy. Thank you in advance.


Hi and welcome,

  1. Could you describe the routing, please? When you enable Monitor, it means, Cubase routes the input signal directly to the output.

  2. Make sure Loopback function is not enabled on your UR22mkII. If I’m right, you should find this at the Control Panel.