Mac, Wavelab Pro 9.5, 16/44.1 FLAC, 48 KHz bluetooth speaker -> plays at wrong speed


I’m new to Wavelab Pro 9.5 and I have a problem.
For now I ain’t got enough money to get a DAC and monitor speakers…

I’m on Mac, my wireless speaker (Naim Mu-so) is set to 48 KHz (can’t change to 44.1 KHz)

I don’t know why, when I play files they play “faster” than the correct speed :frowning:

Is there any setting for this please ? Or a fix ? (MacOS Mojave 10.14.1, 2018 MacBook Pro)

I’ve had a look but found nothing.

Please let me know.



There’s a relatively easy solution to this: in the Playback Processing slot (in the master section) insert a Resampler plugin, set it to 48 kHz and you’re set. Anything you work on inside WL will be resampled to 48 kHz for your wireless speaker without affecting the resolutions of whatever you work on in WL (or affecting the output of whatever you render).

when I play files they play “faster” than the correct speed

I guess your audio device fails to switch to the correct sample rate. Is the sample rate fixed on your device?

@ PG : Yes, it’s fixed

@ Arjan P : THANK YOU, IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM :slight_smile: