Mac Yosemite File Transfers Slow?

Any other Mac users having problems with horribly slow Finder file transfers in latest Yosemite build?

Brand new dual-core Intel 2.8 i5 Mac, latest Yosemite version, 1T hybrid drive, 8GB Ram. Moving a file from one folder to another can take 15 seconds or more. Sending 20 or 30 files to the trash can take a minute or more. Sending one file to trash can take nearly as long. Emptying trash can take a minute or more. Spinning beach ball intermittently pops up.

Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Any ideas? Thanks.

You don’t have “empty trash securely” set in Finder prefs, do you?

Not “secure empty”, just regular emptying of trash is slow. Dragging files to the trash is slow. Moving files from one folder to another is slow.

I trashed Finder preferences, and tried a few other things last night, to no avail.

Description of the Situation:
177,000 jpg files in a folder (mostly individual frames rendered for 5 minute animation)

Needed to sort the files into sub-folders (because transition from Mavericks to Yosemite corrupted the Time Machine backups of the files, destroying file names/sequence coding and sub-folder organization). By the way, I had to purchase a file recovery application, and run it for 14 hours in order to recover the jpg files from the corrupted Time Machine backup drive. Another twist in this debacle is that Apple changed the iPhoto application to Photo with the change from Mavericks to Yosemite. Yes, all my images were in iPhoto, and NO, they did not translate smoothly to Photo. Imagine that, Apple completely dropped the ball. Has that ever happened before?

Moving a single file from the main folder to a sub-folder was taking as long as 30 seconds. Moving corrupted jpg files to trash took even longer. At 177,000 files, that is unworkable within my “Use Before” life expectancy.

Strategies tried: turn off spotlight, reduce transparency, empty cache files, run OnyX and C.o.c.k.t.a.i.l (not “rock” that the silly censor substituted), Terminal hacks, repair permissions, verify/repair disks, reinstall OSX (twice), etc

In case anyone is interested, I have a solution for this problem. Don’t use the latest, top-of-the-line Mac Mini for serious (or even casual) use. Don’t use Yosemite OSX, the Finder is defective. A 5-year old mid-line Windows machine will run rings around it, at one-third the expense.

Apple Mac user since 1985. But not for much longer.