MacBook Air compatibility

Is Dorico compatible with MacBook Air?

Depends more on your computers specs than on the model itself.
Check this page:


Compatibility is not a problem; However, I strongly suggest (yeah, this is my suggestion only) you to use any model of mac with at least Intel HD4000 graphics (no earlier, no weaker than this model of graphic accelerator) to cope with possible UI responsiveness issues. Meanwhile, if for HD4000, the maximum screen resolution should better not be larger than 1600*900 since HD4000 only occupies 512MB VRAM among recent major macOS releases.

Please note that ShikiSuen’s recommendations are purely his own, based only on his own observations, and Steinberg does not have any official guidance about which kinds of graphic adaptors work best with Dorico.

My recommendations are based on what I actually tested. Older intel graphics such as Intel HD3000 is less efficient for those macOS releases since El Capitan, according to what I actually tested through a Mac mini server 2011. Even though daily usage through HDMI to a 1080p monitor, you could feel obvious UI responsiveness issue from the operating system itself in some cases.