MacBook internal audio not working

Hi I am trying to get my internal speakers to work on the road. I have a device installed via audio midi setup connected to my speakers and microphone. In the security section in the device setup, I have made the internal mic accessible to Cubase. However, when I open it, I get this message.

“The audio driver could not be loaded, please make sure the hardware is connected to your computer”.

The message is a bit funny, considering that these are, after all, internal devices that are virtually impossible to remove.

I have already started quite a few internet searches without success
Would be grateful for a tip

Please post two screenshots.
One from Cubase: Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System.
The other one from macOS’ Audio Device dialog.

Have you tried setting the ASIO device to MacBook?

Yes I have. Unfortunately with the same result. =(

I assume the same happens with the Integrated Audio Device?

@Martin.Jirsak : Any idea where to go from here? Maybe some macOS specific settings in the Audio Device Setup?

Yes! It is really frustrating! For simple arrangements I could use the internal sound card of the MacBook Pro super well on the road. So I always have to take my interface with me when I want to work. What is going wrong?


You have some Aggregate Devices created, right? So the 1st device you have shown us, is now of the Aggregate Device, right? Could you try to remove them, restart computer and try to use the MacBook driver again, please?

I’m using internal Audio Device very often here on my Mac.

Hello Martin & Johnny, did as you said. But no change. What irritates me the most is that the error message comes almost instantly. No short connection time or anything else. As soon as I select the internal device, it comes immediately that it could not be started. I had most hope in the security setting, because to me the whole thing seems like a regulation of macOS, but of course I’m not sure.

I’m using internal Audio Device very often here on my Mac.
Man, that’d be wonderful…

Okay, appears. I found a solution:

I had to uninstall everything from Mergin. I use the Anubis audio interface from Mergin. I’ll change the headline and contact Mergin support to inform them about the problem.

Thank you Johnny & Martin. Your comment Martin, that you use the internal audio processor of macOS more often gave me the idea to uninstall everything…

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i’m having the exact same problem with nuendo 13 here. i’m also using merging-interfaces (horus), and the same started to happen after i had to update my mac to sonoma. each time i have to work with any other interfaces, i have to de-install ravenna.
tried to change some parameters in the security-settings, without any result.

and: it only happens with nuendo (and cubase), all is fine with my other daw’s.
i’ve been in contact with merging, but no real answers yet. have you got any feedback from them about this?


Try the following:

If you want to change the audio driver, first select “no driver”. Then save the project and close Cubase.

Open it again and select the correct audio driver.

…man, i owe you a few beers!! :slight_smile: it worked! thank you so much…
so it is obviously a cubendo problem?

Glad it helped you. I’m not entirely sure to be honest, I could imagine it’s more of a driver problem. I came up with the solution after somehow trying 5000 things. more or less by accident.

…i found out that i have the exact same problem with protools. no workaround here, unfortunately… so it really seems to be a merging issue. i had no luck trying to motivate them to investigate, so in the case that somebody else would see the same thing, it might be a good idea to contact them too…