Macbook notch: use screen space?

I noticed that Dorico in macOS, in full-screen mode, creates the usual black bar at the top of the screen to work around the notch in the recent macbooks. I also noticed that the interface of Dorico has no buttons, text or functions in the toolbar on the spot where the notch would be, were Dorico to expand all the way to the top of the screen. By doing so, users would get a little bit extra vertical screen estate. It’s a minor quality-of-life change, but it would make sense I think.

At the present time, the Qt application framework on which Dorico is built doesn’t have any support for positioning things in line with the “notch” but we’ll keep an eye on whether this is something they choose to add in future.

Ah, got it! Makes sense. Time will tell if Qt will implement it. Thank you!