MacBook Pro 16 issues


I’m writing in behalf of my friend, who bought his new MacBook Pro and is using Cubase 10.0.50.

I don’t know if this issue has already been resolved so please redirect me to solution if it’s…

He is having performance problem, especially with multi-processing. When enabled, his CPU meter in cubase shows usual consumption but in Activity Meter it’s almost 3x to 4x higher. And soon the fans go loud. If he disables multi-processing, meters from Cubase and Activity Monitor match but of course it max out the resources quite soon as there is only one core working.

His system specification is as follows:

MacBook Pro 16
2,3 8-core i9
16GB 2667 DDR4
MacOS 10.15.3 (Catalina)
Cubase 10.0.50

Here is a screenshot of two plugins loaded and Activity Monitor opened…

Thanks in advance,

LG, Miha

I have exactly the same results on my MacBook Pro 16. CPU usage gets a lot worse (even with an empty project) if multi-processing is enabled.

Is there nobody else with this problem? This can’t be a specific problem of the MacBook Pro 16.

By the way: I am on macOS 11 with Cubase 11. Same results.


It’s unlikely someone who is not having problems on a Macbook will reply to this 1.5 year old post.

You should just start a new topic for this.