MacBook Pro 2,6 GHz Quad-Core i7 vs. 2,8 GHz Dual-Core i7?

For the first time I’m about to get a MacBook for:

  • Music production (Cubase 7.5)
  • Playing SoftSynths live on stage

According to Compare Macs, Compare iPods, iPhones & iPads @ the benchmark “Geekbench 3 MC 64” is more than twice for the quad core compared to the dual core. Thus value for money is better for the quad core.

Question: Can Cubase make use of the quad core computing power for multiple audio tracks, effects and VST instruments so that spending the extra money for the quad core will pay out?

I would recommend the 15" MBP also for the screen size. In 2012 I returned a 15" retina because Cubase wasn’t fully compatible and had the chance to try the 13" also and found the screen too small. I would max the ram. FYI the 15" without retina have been discountinued very few new available. Should you get a retina I heard now there are Applications to adjust the screen resolution… Make sure to buy it where you can return it if you have any issues. Also I think apple only produces quad cpu on 15" models. Also should cubase minimum system requirement change for future releases you’ll be better off with a quad cpu…

Cheers :slight_smile: