Macbook Pro fan constantly running under Cubase 11

I’m running Cubase 11 on a 2014 MacBook Pro 2.8GHz Intel Core iU with 16GB of 1600 MHz of DDR3 memory. Not a superpowered machine by today’s standards, but my projects don’t even come close to peaking the CPU meters in Cubase.

However, when using Cubase 11, the fan is constantly running, even when I’m not playing back a project or only have an empty project open.

This was not the case with Cubase 10.5, and I’ve got the same set of plugins and same configuration between the two versions.

Anyone else experience this, or have any thoughts?

Which macOS version do you have installed?

I’ve got 10.14.6. I might have possibly solved it. I went into preferences and discovered that “Suspend VST 3 plug-in processing when no audio signals are received” was not checked. I’ve enabled that setting, and the fans are much quieter, however they are still running

I’m noticing the same thing.

I was literally running one VSTi and the fan went crazy.

I’m on a 2019 16” i7 MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.0.1

I updated both Cubase and the OS at the same time as I like to live dangerously :slight_smile:

Actually this is my test machine. On my production machine a 2019 15” i9 MacBook Pro on Catalina I don’t have this problem with Cubase 10.0.60 or 10.5.20

Apple usually do that. You need some motivation to buy the new Arm books.

Something is weird here tho…

The activity monitor says cubase is constantly using well over 200% cpu when this track im working on is playing…
(If i stop the track, cubase in activity monitor hovers at 110%)
If cubase is open, and no track loaded at all, it uses approx 15% cpu

New system, cubase 11, mojave mbp (early 2015) …

I am new to mac… is this normal?


Uhahaha! :laughing:

I’ve done some more testing of this issue.

I created a 4 bar loop just using Groove Agent SE triggering a drum loop split over 3 pads. I had the GUI of GA SE open the whole time.

On my 16" Big Sur machine the fan was loud after around 5 minutes.
On my 15" Catalina machine the fan stayed quiet.

I also recorded the output to Audition and browsed some web pages at the same time with no fan noise at all. It’s been running for around 30 minutes and it’s still running as I’m typing this.

It seems like I’m going to be sticking to Catalina for the time being as I’m having other issues running Cubase 11.0.1 on Big Sur such as graphics corruption within GA SE, Prologue and some 3rd party plugins. Also my aggregate setup consisting of a Roland TR-8S and Roland UA-1010 seems to have issues with Big Sur and Cubase 11.0.1 but I’m using the Catalina drivers.

Here’s what I found, Apple has deprecated OpenGL for a long time. On Intel macs OpenGl framework and old graphics drivers are removed so any application that has not switched to the new metal api literally burns cpu. I tested a pure metal application to test if everything is ok with the Apple drivers and they work fine, balancing the GPU and CPU perfectly without overheating.

Check in systemlog who uses OpenGL.framework,
I think if they work on Mojave or Catalina that again it’s not good because they use an old api that is laggy and kills the cpu.

I recently moved to Big Sur. Cubase 11 is using more CPU for sure than 10.5. For the first time in years I’m offloading instruments to an Ensemble slave.