Macbook pro i7 vs Mac pro quad???

Hi all, just after some knowledge really.
At present I have a 2006 Mac pro which is a quad core 3.0ghz with 8gb ram and 1tb hard drive. Ive been using this for a few years and its more than enough, never any power or speed related issues. I use this running Cubase and several vsts, also runs Turbolister in Windows which again it walks over.
As well as this I have a 2009 white macbook which is pretty standard 2gh dual core and 2 gb ram. This is used purely as my every day machine.
Its become apparent that the Mac pro is not getting nearly enough use and infact rarely yet its a much better machine while I chugg along on the macbook.
Ive been thinking about selling both and buying an i7 Macbook pro so I can do all on 1 machine. I think id make much more time for music use and i’d get more done otherwise as it would be a better machine than the white.

I guess what im wondering is how the i7 would run compared to my Mac pro specifically in Cubase?

The Mac pro would from what I see have a resale value of roughly £700 and the laptop £250-300 which would give me about a grand to spend on an i7, id be able to add some also.

My other thought was to sell the Mac pro and get a tastey Windows laptop for music but tbh i’d rather use osx.

Please any opinions or views. :smiley: