MACBOOK Pro Mid 2012 Ram

Hi All,

I’m Currently using Cubase 7.0.5. 64 bit with a MBP mid 2012 Intel i7 CPU with 4 gigs of RAM with the UR28M interface and 3 CMC.

Most of my projects have about 8 cubase VST including Halion SE, NI Kontakt Funk Guitarist which has samples,
24 tracks of audio max, 4 FX Channels with 4 FX each and 3 Group tracks. Currently my VST Performance peaks at 25% or less.

I’m thinking of upgrading my RAM to 8 gigs which is the max for a MBP. Has anyone done a similar RAM upgrade?
And if so. Could you let me know how much it has improved the performance in term of percentage.

Thanks :smiley:

Your MB P will work with 16GB. Apple just doesn’t offer it.



Aloha A, and thanks for that link.

I am currently waiting (till the fall maybe) to get a new MBP
so this topic is of interest.

I knew that these machines will work with more ram
than Apple says but I was not sure if they would
actually ‘use’ all that extra ram.

Till I read this from your link:

Re: 15-inch Mid 2012 MacBook Pro max RAM?
Oct 30, 2012 9:16 PM (in response to Ace7744)
It’s up to you - if you’ve a 2011 or 2012 model, then you can hold up to 16GB of RAM. I installed 16GB shortly after I bought my new MacBook Pro in March, and I actually use up to about 14GB at times.

Very encouraging to read.
Thanks again.



I will max it out to 16 Gb Ram. C 7 real-time peak spikes when low on Ram and NI VST uses lots of RAM… C 7 also uses more CPU/Ram than C 6.5.

Interested to know if 4Gb is the limit of my MBP late 2008 version 5,1 ?

The max is 8 GB Ram. I upgraded my MBP to 16GB. It’s worth it. 8 GB can get the job done :smiley: