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Hi together!
I’m about to buy a new MacBook pro. I’m not quite sure if it will be a 14’’ or a 16’’ model - but when I take the 14’’ one: Will the 10core CPU make much difference to the 8core CPU (except louder fan noise, less battery and about 200,-€ plus)? Will 32 GB be enough?
And: Is it correct that extra GPU will not make much difference as far as Dorico is concerned?
What do you think?
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I’m not sure but there are a few threads here about that sort of stuff which might enlighten you:

Please note: these may be completely irrelevant but there must but be some helpful information! :joy:

I think the real determining factor here is whether or not you want the larger screen. Fan noise will be absolutely negligible, if you hear it at all. I have a lowly m1 mini (the original) sitting on my desk right under my monitor, and I’ve literally NEVER heard ANY noise come out of it, and I’ve pushed it pretty hard. Just two days ago I rendered 15 minute long 1440p video and it did it in about one minute completely silently.

(And yes, 32gb ram is plenty. More than enough, for most use cases, in fact. The only reason you’d want/need more is if you were running huge orchestral libraries.)

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Even the basic M1 is sufficient to handle Dorico. If you’re using larger sample libraries, like Spitfire BBC SO, or Vienna, etc, then they will certainly need a fair bit of RAM.

I have the 16" M1 Pro with 32Gb RAM. I trialled the 16Gb model, but returned it. It coped admirably, but I felt that 32Gb would give me more capability as the years go by.
64Gb is too much for most usage; so you don’t need to splurge on the Max.

On-board storage is more important than extra cores, I’d say. But the 8-core 14" with 32Gb Ram and 1Tb storage is €500 less than the 10-core 16". It’s up to you whether you’re willing to ‘go large’.

I mostly got the 16" for the screen size, and would have taken it with any CPU.

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Hi everyone!

I just purchased the new Mac M2 Airbook, the “midnight” version. I ordered it with 24gig of ram and a 2Tb internal SSD drive, so it’s loaded. I love it!. Dorico runs great (as well as Sibelius, Digital Performer, and Ableton Live). Although I mostly run Dorico with NotePerformer, when I load other VSTs, I have no problem. The best thing of all, the Airbook is very portable, and the midnight color is so cool. I’m happy.