MacBook Pro retina touch & Cubase dongle


Is the steinberg e licensee dongle available with a thunderbolt 3 connection in order to have compatibility with the new 2016 touch MacBook Pro.

If not will the dongle work by using an adapter and if so which one, as I understand that some don’t power the dongle and it has to be attached directly to the MacBook ?

Or does this mean I can’t use Cubase anymore with the new MacBook ?


It will probably work fine with an adapter, but since you’re one of the first to try, let us know :wink:

Just read an article yesterday about the new Macbook Pro needing about $300+ on extra hardware to get your legacy gear connected again, since it only has a couple of USB-c ports. Talk is of an upcoming hub that will combine a cardreader, legacy USB, VGA and HDMI ports…

Yes but I’ve never been able to get the computer to recognise the dongle using an adapter before and I’m sure I read somewhere that it needs to be connected directly to the computer as opposed to through a hub?